Sunday, November 16, 2008

A Peek at A Week #1

~Wrote 10 sentences and sent it to my AWESOME pastor that said:
I will bring my Bible to church.
....all because I forgot my Bible last week and for some reason he made a HUGE point to say throughout the sermon several times, "If you brought your BIBLE...turn to...", but with very exaggerated intonations to make a point. My friends thought it was hilarious that I didn't have mine and it seemed as though the pastor was talking straight to me!!! He wasn't.

~Had to delete our Face**Book accounts because we were hacked into for the third time with the last putting our computer into an unending loop linked to p*o*r*n. Lovely. We had to shut down the entire computer by force to stop the loop. Now all the gobs of people we had reconnected with are just...gone. Poof.

~Prayed for several friends in need of extras prayers.

~Started using wonderful mineral make-up.

~My BFF from across The Pond called me for the first time since they left a month ago. Sooooo sweet to hear her voice!!! Very hard to talk in code without saying words that are God related so as not to compromise their position. When He permeates who I am I find that my vocabulary reflects that. I think that's a good thing.

~Basked in the glorious fall weather while riding in the Jeep with its top down!!!

~Discovered a new FAVORITE movie: Mr. Magorium's Wonder Emporium. Yeah, we're buying it. Awesome!

~Had Rainbow Brite's 6 year old portraits done. Awwwe. That's a good thing since I missed her 5 year old ones. Was a very interesting event. The only time to do it was at 6:30 pm. An ENORMOUS rain storm came in while we were in the studio. Left my phone in the car. The NEW photographer had NO skills in how to take pictures. I was at my wit's end with the day, the storm, the less-than-with-it photog and pretty much showed my snotty brat side at the place. Kicked off my shoes, marched onto the background area and said, "THAT doesn't even make any sense! Here." Ugh. (moving Rainbow Brite into a cute--common sense---position huffing and puffing along the way) Then I made it better by saying this, "THERE! THAT makes sense. Take the picture now. Take the picture NOW. Get THAT one! Take it NOW!" Not my better side. The pics turned out cute.

I made myself apologize.

Remember my phone was in the car? And there was a really bad storm? Mister Green was worried after our long departure. He was calling and calling and calling and thought we had been tragically killed in the storm. Then he tried to call the studio. They wouldn't answer the phone. Probably because they were dealing with some bratty blonde lady who wanted things a certain way. Hmph. He was LIVID when he finally got through to the studio. Not at me, but at them for not answering and was just worried about the welfare of his girls. Thanks, Babe.

~Bought all the decor for the big Texas Christmas shindig that I am decorating for at church this coming week. Got home with everything...except one bag. Yep, had to turn around and drive BACK to the store to retrieve it. Yeehaw.

~Had a super fun pap smear done by my new doctor...who is ONE year older than me. Ewe.

~Rainbow Brite has swallowed some kind of crazy giggle enhancing pill and has become the funniest kid on the planet.

~Waited all week for and still waiting for a special call from Haiti. Oh, the torture.

~Gave our adoption testimony at a seminar given by our old agency for prospective adoptive parents. Always love that.

~Oh, yeah, went to work. Woohoo. (Just joking...Thank you, Lord for the job!!)

~Need a haircut, need a haircut, need a HAAAAIIIRRRCCUT just now, I just now need a haircut, need a haircut, just now.

~Prayed extra hard for our adoption.

~Made a "souper" fall dinner for friends on Sat. night.

~Had fun rubbing off my BROWN EYELINER from the delicate edges of my LIPS. oops.

~And, I'm richly blessed.


Colorado Dreamin' said...

Thanks for showing your human side! It helps to know that things don't always go perfectly for you either. I can relate to quite a few of those things!

And, yes, it is a good thing that God shines through your every day. I had that come up with an old "friend" who refuses to read my blog because God is in it too much. Keep shinning your light!

Love ya!

Jennifer said...

I love love love Mr. Magorium's Wonder Emporium. Love some of the quotes from it. Love the message of it. It's one of my favoritest, and I typically make my students watch it.

Kim Kenward said...

Sounds like a very busy and eventful week. Your photography studio play-by-play was brilliant. Here's to hoping and praying for some extra special good news for you this week!!

Funderstorm said...

Haven't seen that movie...maybe I can get it here. :) I can so picture (the picture QUEEN) telling he photog..."move over and let me do it." Cracks me up. Made my day (night) to talk to you, too. Love you~

Jinglebritches said...

No wonder we love you so much!!!!!
Thanks for the giggle.

love you tp pieces!!

Journey on! said...

I can't believe you just now watch Mr. M! That is the best show!

How do you know Facebook is the culprit?

Perhaps you should have talked to your friend "while" you were at the pic studio! LMBO about that- When it rains it pours doesn't it-Our picture days are nearly zelch with the people we end up getting everytime we go to get our pictures done- gosh that makes me so mad that the days of the professional photographer is no longer unless high dollar!

redmaryjanes said...

Wow, this is gorgeous! Love the new look and all of the things going on in your life :)

Jennifer said...

And so the lion fell in love with the lamb...

Just read that line. Stupid book. Has me all obsessively reading and unproductive.

Can't wait for the movie!!

Ashley said...

What a week!! I have an award for you (11/20 post)! :)

Elisa. said...

Wow lots going on with you guy's..did you get your haircut!?

jennypen said...

Thanks for sharing your photo experience! Makes me feel better for my dark side. (Though I'm afraid yours didn't compare.) I reached a new low in "wifedom" lately and told someone he was being a "D.A." ...yeah, doesn't even come CLOSE to comparing. Made me laugh, though.

One day I'll learn to be nice. Thank goodness for graceful God and people.