Thursday, February 12, 2009

Well It's About Time, Huh?

It's been almost two weeks since I posted! I am sooo ready for June and for this full-time job to be over!!

The winds of change have blown over our little abode again. This Kaleidoscope blog was created due to the fact that we were starting our adoption journey again to a little country called Haiti. We were going to adopt a son. People gave us money. We did everything we were supposed to do. Apparently we aren't supposed to adopt again or it just isn't God's timing.

Not sure about any of it.

I do know that I have fought hand, tooth and nail with God over this and guess what? He won. ; ) There isn't enough room on here to tell the craziness of our adoption attempts over the past four years and more specifically the past year.

The doors are shut.

Maybe we are trying too soon or maybe we are called to just have our one precious, darling PandaGirl. That's right, I said PandaGirl. I have just had the hardest time typing Rainbow Brite on this blog. I thought it went along with the whole colorful kaleidoscope thing.

This is the last post for Kaleidoscope, which means I need a new blog. Only I didn't want to go directly back to Pandapalooza. Sooooo----go here to see our new adventure.

Thanks for hanging with me through this sporadic season and for changing your link to me...again. If you can, comment on the new blog so I know you've come over to the new place! ; )

Monday, February 2, 2009

Happy Gotcha Day, Rainbow Brite!!!

Five years ago today, we held our darling daughter for the first time. What a ride it's been!

Thank you, Lord, for infertility and the grace You have shown to us by the blessings of learning how to parent this sweet child. Please, continue our journey with unending mercy and let us be the parents You have called us to be. All to your glory.

February 2, 2004.


Wasn't she just the CUTEST CHUNK?! This is actually on the second day we had our girl.

Though Rainbow Brite's actual Gotcha Day is today, we celebrated yesterday so we could leisurely enjoy our time and not rush after school and work. She chose to eat here:

RB's nickname from the nannies in China is Cha-Cha. Believe it or not, that's the name of the frog, too! LOL!

We celebrated with a Volcano, sparkler and all!

RB decided that she wanted to adopt a panda from Build-A-Bear and name her "Sunshine". Every girl-panda must have a special bath before getting her lovely wardrobe, right? So cute!!

I just LOVE the "Dressing Room" for the little stuffies to try on their outfits! Too cute! Sunshine ended up with a dah-ling little red and white halter dress number as well as a Tinkerbell outfit, too! Oh--I could go slap-crazy in that place! LOL!

I can't believe that we have been parents of this amazing little girl for FIVE years now! What a blessing that I never could have imagined!!!

Saturday, January 31, 2009

Happy "Jana Day" to Me!

Today is January 31st...."Jana Day". (Yes, my name is Jana in case I have never put that on my blogs.) Back in 1992, a few days after Mister Green proposed to me, he was just so in love that he gave me my own day. So I not only get my Birthday, Christmas, Valentine's and Mother's Day, but I get my OWN day as well! I just love my man. You're gonna laugh at what he got me. After watching a VH-1 Classics about Def Leppard and we realized how incredibly musical, artistic and perfectionistic these guys were in making their music I really wanted some old 80's tunes from them to work out to on the treadmill. Though most of the lyrics are HORRIBLE, they were always one of my favorite bands!! For whatever reason, iTunes doesn't have any of their music to download so my man found it online somewhere and had it shipped here this week. Yesterday, on the way to work I had my car stereo cranked up really loudly and I was rockin' out to Def Leppard like I was 17!! LOL!!!!! Toooooo funny to see, I'm sure. I know that I don't want to fill my head or heart with the junky lyrics, but DANG, those boys knew how to ROCK! I love me some good ol' 80's rock. Monday is Rainbow Brite's Gotcha Day, so I'll be back then for some pics of what we do for that celebration.

Have a ROCKIN' weekend! ; )

Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Ice Ice, Baby

This is ice. Yesterday we were told that we were to have the "worst ice storm in years" by our local weather people. We were out of school so as to not be in danger. That was fun. Got a lot done.

No ice.

Today? ICE. Another day off from school. Yeah! Except when we have to make up the stupid day in June---I will be more than ready to be finished with my job at school. Today will be fun at home again. I think I might throw up in June.

Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Rainbow Brite was so excited to wear her traditional Chinese outfit to school yesterday. Her choice. Love THAT! ; ) We celebrated the start of Chinese New Year by eating out at one of our favorite Chinese food restaurants. NOT a buffet. I really don't like those kind of places at all. It cracks me up when all those "Chinese" buffets serve pizza, Mexican food and all kinds of fried anything. No matter--we love our precious Chinese daughter and all the interesting heritage she brings with her.

We have a huge ICE STORM here in The Lone Star State so we have NO SCHOOL today!!! Wooohoooo! I am planning to clean, work-out, do my Bible study, play with Rainbow Brite, have some snuggle time with Mister Green, look at some blogs and maybe, just maybe I can pull out my dusty scrapbook stuff and lay out a few pages. Guess I better get going if I'm to pull all of this off in one work day's time. LOL!

Thursday, January 22, 2009

OK. That Was Good.

Who watched? It was awesome!!!!! Two FULL HOURS of NEW show! Woohoooooo! Been waiting since last spring to find out more! Loved it.

I know. Not a fabulous post, but it's all I got right now. Smile. ; )

Sunday, January 11, 2009