Sunday, November 30, 2008

So Thankful

How fun to start the week with Rainbow Brite's Thanksgiving Feast for her Kindergarten class!! We had a blessed week with family and enjoying each other.
I needed a break from work.
I needed a break from being busy.
I needed a break from life.
Lately I have been really struggling with our whole adoption journey. Many twists and tangles leaving me and Mister Green emotionally raw. As I type this God has done a great work in me. The sermon this morning was just what I needed to hear. The past few weeks have been rough for me dealing with these adoption issues. I have been mad at God knowing full well that He didn't do anything to me, but is allowing suffering so that I may know Him better. I had to CHOOSE joy over the holidays. My heart wasn't in it, but lo & behold He blessed me anyway, even though I didn't deserve it. He DOES have a plan for our family. I just know it. The journey, however, is much more than I thought it would be. Despite my own sadness in my heart over adoption misleads I had a fabulous break and am actually looking forward to going to work being refreshed from the Thanksgiving holiday.

Picking up pecans is Rainbow Brite's favorite thing to do at her grandparents' land. She went straight outside as soon as we arrived to start filling her cup with pecans....(for those of you non-Texans, that's pronounced "puh-KAHN"---not "PEE-can"...wink).

Rainbow Brite with her aunt (Mister Green's sister) enjoying the exquisite weather. Cool crispy air, leaves continuously falling from the trees and the sound of them crunching under foot. OOOO---I LOVE FALL!

The night before Thanksgiving we had a hot dog cookout along with S'mores at Mister Green's parents' land. The weather was just perfect for such a treat!

Oh yes. My new love. I got my Christmas present early because I begged Mister Green to let me have it for Thanksgiving. Because I have a job and we have a friend who has worked for Canon for 30 years I am very happy to own my new Rebel XSi that takes AMAZING pictures!!! I have always wanted a camera that would take a picture and blur the background or show fabulous detail and also one that would catch action pics and NOT blur the subject. I finally have it and I took GOBS of pics over the past week. This berry shot just makes me smile.

With my new camera I was able to capture about eight continuous pics in a series of Rainbow Brite laughing, swinging and making crazy faces. This is just one of the many showing the sheer joy of being a kid.

We were able to visit both sets of grandparents which is such a blessing because they are in the same city. Grandma (my mom) had the kids decorate her Christmas tree for her. Too cute!

A little tossing of the football with cousins.

We put up our Christmas decorations, watched White Christmas and drank hot chocolate!

Miao's favorite place every year at this time.

Be on the lookout for the next post and a series of...interesting pics.

I call it The Hammock. ; )


Kim Kenward said...

Congratulations on your fun new camera. Your berry shot is fabulous. It sounds like you enjoyed your much needed break. May your upcoming holidays be filled with joy and peace.

Have a great week.

Journey on! said...

That is one heck of a mutan of a camera! Love the shot of her on the swing! The berry pic is amazing- looks like it is real & not a pic!

Jennifer said...

I am JEALOUS of your camera! I covet it. How do you feel knowing you have caused a sister in Christ to covet you?!

I'd keep your eye on that camera. I may have to come over and keep Rainbow Brite for a date night and leave with more than my wallet in my purse.

Just sayin's all... said...

your little girl is sooooo cute :-) The pics are adorable.

Funderstorm said...

Now that my beloved camera has gone to that great home in the sky...maybe I can get one like yours!!! Love the pics. RB (It's hard not to type PG) id growing up so fast! Love you.

Colorado Dreamin' said...

I understand how hard things can be when you feel in your heart it is what God is intending but the timing is not known. I will continue to keep you in our prayers! love ya!

Funderstorm said...

Okay...I have "Asian" brain...I can't speak their language or mine most days....what is TTF? Not TFT. Not FFF. Not TFF. I DONT KNOW!!! Help.
BTW, waiting ever so impatiently for "The Hammock." When can we expect it?

Denise C said...

Oh I am so happy you got such a great early Christmas present!!! I can tell you "heart" it very much!!!
Great pictures...and sweet times with family!!! NOthing better!!!
Love ya friend!!

Much Ado said...

Great to read your update! Love and understand what you said about choosing Joy. enjoy your new camera.