Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Ice Ice, Baby

This is ice. Yesterday we were told that we were to have the "worst ice storm in years" by our local weather people. We were out of school so as to not be in danger. That was fun. Got a lot done.

No ice.

Today? ICE. Another day off from school. Yeah! Except when we have to make up the stupid day in June---I will be more than ready to be finished with my job at school. Today will be fun at home again. I think I might throw up in June.


Kim K. said...

Enjoy your day home. Soak it all in!!!

PS. I completely get the K-12 "yuck" factor for making up snow/ice days. My husband is a school social worker and totally LOVES his snowdays but come June is none too pleased when he's still stuck in school.

Anonymous said...

I know I hate to make up the days but it's nice to get the days off! Enjoy your day with the family!!

elizabeth said...

We got to go to school at 10am. All the fun of sleeping in and no make up day! Woo Hoo!