Sunday, December 21, 2008

Countdown to Christmas

PandaG.....oops, I mean Rainbow Brite (I have the hardest time not referring to ourselves as the PandaFamily!) decorating her first gingerbread house. Mister Green put all the pieces together for us and then we decorated with the brick hard icing and all the colorful candies.

Tah-dah!! It may look adorable, but this pre-made kit tastes gross! I guess it's the fun of doing this project together 'cause it certainly ain't the taste! Gag.

Rainbow Brite decided, on a whim while we were out shopping Saturday, that it was time to get her ears pierced. I seized the moment and never looked back! LOL! I LOVE IT!!!!!!!

Made lots of chocolate/toffee covered pretzel logs for several neighbors.

I just l-o-v-e my new camera.

Simple gifts ready for delivery.

Guess who gets to come inside since the weather is tooooo stinkin' cold overnight even for his super thick coat?

Guess who wasn't too thrilled with the new visitor? Can you saaaay...snooty-snob kitty?

Mister Green reading Charlie & the Chocolate Factory to RB. I loved hearing the giggles while I was cleaning up the kitchen. Next is the Wizard of Oz!

Watching movies and snuggling up on the couch with my munchkin while the frigid cold weather is finding it's ugly way INSIDE our house!!

Be intentional about enjoying your family and the REASON we celebrate Christmas in the first place: the birth of our Savior...JESUS!


Kim said...

I love your gingerbread house! Good job! And the pretzel logs look wonderful! What blessed neighbors!

Stay warm and Merry Christmas!

Funderstorm said...

Oh...missing you and all the "stuff" of Christmas. But I'm grateful that no matter where I live...I still have the reason for the season. Hug the family. CYH, too.

Denise C said...

Hey there girlie!!! I was thrilled to pieces to see your sweet name in my inbox this morning!!! I have missed you!!! I have not been blogging for way too long...we are absolutely covered up with business right now...and had another death..this one very tragic. I plan to blog about it later on when I can clear my thoughts. I pray your precious family has a most blessed Christmas season as we celebrate the THE GIFT!!! Awesome is HE!
Love you friend!!!

Kim Kenward said...

What a gorgeous gingerbread house. Those pretzels look equally yummy. What a fun way to start Christmas break with pierced ears. Too cute very grown up.

Enjoy the spirit of Christmas and everything it represents. Thank you for all your prayers regarding Josie's surgery and recovery. It means the world to me to have so many prayer warriors. Hugs.

Jinglebritches said...

You make me giggle Hunny Bun!! Let me tell you about cold weather! Our high the other day was 7 degrees !! I love your new camera too. What kind did you get?

Have a blessed Christmas

Glorious Expressions said...

Wow, love this blog...brings back memories. You said the same "yuk" over YOUR gingerbread house at age four --& yep, they are JUST for looks..4 sure! You all did a GREAT JOB tho! CUTE.
And Zoe's ears pierced!!! Remember back when? Wow. Thrilled little girls are sooo cute...rite of passage. ha ha
So when did Willie Wonka's chocolate Factory turn to Charlie's...

(mercy I am behind)!!!....and last but NOT of those yummy looking pretzel LOGS had BETTER finds it's way to Waco on Christmas Day! ha ha jus kidn

You Little O Wife said...

Love your new pics! I am so excited about Christmas too!

Colorado Dreamin' said...

How wonderful! Great pics and memories you are building! I know, I need to post something! I have been so busy doing that I haven't posted about any of it. I did try to post a video but it wouldn't let me. My new favorite song right now is "While You Were Sleeping" by Casting Crowns. I can't listen to it without crying! I love you and will try to post soon! Have a very merry Christmas!!

Journey on! said...

Omgoodness gracious- those pictures are so adorable! Love the one with sweetness sitting on the dog! Great and festive treats- tho I hope not to have nightmares seeing another gingerbread house- yours is adorable!
Cute hair in the cuddle shot too!

Cammie said...

Thanks for the Christmas wishes! God's peace and love to you this holiday season!