Sunday, December 14, 2008

A Peek at A Week #2

What a week!
Lots of good, some not-so-good. Blessed, no doubt.

We started the week off with an open house for all the Children's Ministry volunteers at our house. We began this tradition last year and it was a huge hit!

We were beaming with joy as Rainbow Brite made her singing debut last Sunday at our church Children's Christmas Musical.

Always fun to get these three together from our church.

Mister Green and I had a fun date night going shopping for Rainbow Brite!!!

Left work quickly to go purchase hand-sanitizer and Lysol to help stop all the cooties coming from some of the kids I see for speech, was returning to school so I could eat my lunch and wouldn't ya know it, I got one of THESE:

I was doing 47 in a 35. I am one of the safest drivers I know!!!!! I haven't had a ticket in....I think it was 1999. Hmph. I was speeding and there was no way around it. Didn't even try to get out of it. The irony is that my $173.00 ticket was given on the same stinkin' day I got my $500 bonus from work!!! GRRRRRR!

Rainbow Brite was so proud of herself for buying her Daddy a couple of presents and wrapping them all by herself.

Mister Green was a wonderful shepherd in our church Christmas worship experience and musical. We are with an interim music minister right now and the lay leadership of our church OUT-DID themselves with the production this year!!!!

There was a great need for me to sit down and go page by page of this little book that sits on our end table. I NEEDED to be reminded of the joys and blessings of Christmas and all through the year.

Though it turned out for the better, it was really a rough week for me last week. For now I'll just leave you with the good. In another post I'll expound on the way God worked in me to get through the struggles of this last year concerning adoption.

Trust in the Lord with all your heart and lean not on your own understanding, but in all your ways acknowledge Him and He will make your paths straight. Proverbs 3:5-6

Make it a point to CELEBRATE the birth of Jesus!!!

He is the reason we have HOPE!


Kim Kenward said...

Here's to hoping for a better week filled with NO SPEEDING tickets. That really stinks...especially after a high of a bonus check. Ouch!

Your tree is gorgeous and the pics are fantastic.

PS. I'll take any and all prayers this week on 12/18. Josie undergoes hand surgery at our Children's Hospital. She's not going to be real happy with a finger tip to shoulder cast.

Jinglebritches said...

Love you!! Hope next week is better for you.

I've been working every day at school in the special ed room. I could have used some of that Lysol. I've got a nasty case of the crud!!

Blessings all around!!

Colorado Dreamin' said...

Your tree is awesome and thanks for sharing the little things that are going on in your world. I need to do that! Need to find the time!

Funderstorm said...

Shame on you!! :D I've done a pretty good job of fighting off the homesickness...until I saw your tree...and RB singing...and thought about a musical...hope you enjoyed it all. Sorry abobut the ticket...been there, done that...twice in one week!!! Can't wait to talk.

Much Ado said...

Loved reading your update. ugh, speeding tickets...and at Christmas! How could they??!!! ;)

Hang in there with the whole adoption thing, I can totally relate to learning lessons through the struggle.

Funderstorm said...

Love and miss you. Love and miss you. Love and miss you.Love and miss you. Love and miss you. Love and miss you.Love and miss you. Love and miss you. Love and miss you.Love and miss you. Love and miss you. Love and miss you.Love and miss you. Love and miss you. Love and miss you.Love and miss you. Love and miss you. Love and miss you.Love and miss you. Love and miss you. Love and miss you.

Just thought you should know. :D

Mommy Spice said...

A speeding ticket???? YOU???? I can't even believe it!! LOL!! Love all the pictures. It's been a while since I've been in blog land. Just don't have much time right now, but I needed to check in on some of my friends. Hope you're having a better week this week.

Love you!!

Steffie B. said...

I hope things are ok with you sweet girl....I'm thinking of you....your tree is beautiful...

Journey on! said...

I laughed as I read your comment and answered you back on my blog- realizing how will you know? so here it is=))

Anonymous said...
Miss Scarlett- I have a daughter who literally has left the house every morning in 20 degree weather with NO COAT and Shorts and a T-shirt w/flip flops on! Yes. True story. After numerous battle mornings of crying and failing grades the day of- we decided its in her blood- for I did this same exact thing until I grabbed my HS diploma!
Her long hair always looks messy- so can you imagine... That poor little girl with no one to buy her a coat and give her warm clothes! So its a possiblity those kids Won't wear coats!
I laughed as I read that thinking of my girl- tho I know there are really cold kids out there=(( Kel

Oatsvall Team said...

speeding ticket ... ba hum bug ... sorry ... yeah there was a bonus check ... i pray things will get better on the adoption front ...

Journey on! said...

I am saying this has been a comment dyslexic week for me! I just realized after thinking I had left a comment- anyway.... Love your tree and that pic of the Ornament is so beautiful! PG is soo adorable- did you tape her singing?
She is so precious. That speeding ticket is sad- don't just pay it- do the deferred Adj. or the def. driving or something.

Stephanie said...

If you get a minute and have my email or Kerry's email would you mind sending me your new address? Thanks a bunch.

Elisa ( FC Monsters) said...

Beautiful pictures of your tree.
Sorry about your ticket..ugghh sucks!

Have a wonderful Christmas!

Mama Darling said...

Your house looks so warm and cozy, just like Christmas should be. I love the Chinese ornament. I had a hard time finding one this year. We had our play group Christmas party Friday and we sure did miss you and Rainbow Brite. Hope you have a wonderful Christmas!