Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Divine Intervention?

Do a search for J*ett T*ravolta and tons of info. comes up about how his parents deny his Autism because of their Scientology beliefs. I am a speech therapist with six different adolescents with Autism. I actually enjoy being around all of them. They are so unique. So intriguing and mysterious. When you watch the video online of their family in Paris just a few weeks ago, there is NO mistake that he is Autistic.

*Disclaimer: I am not licensed to diagnose Autism. I am going on my own professional experience in therapy with children with Autism.

If you aren't familiar with the "look" of Autism you might not see it, but anyone who is around Autistic children KNOW there are certain characteristics. J*ett fits the bill. I already prayed for this family to love their son more than Scientology. I pray that a Believer in Jesus Christ will make their way into the T*ravolta family's life and lead them to a relationship with Him. Then, I pray that they will use their high profile status to take down Scientology just by the public admission that their son had Autism, it was not conjured up in his head and that so much good can come from all of this. This has the potential to be HUGE if John will just see The Light.

So many Holly*wood celebs promote their "faith" leading so many others to follow the same beliefs as them, but we know as Believers of the One True God, according to the Bible that He is the way, the truth and the light. Maybe this whole situation will be used for His glory and many will come to know Him through it. Just maybe.


Journey on! said...

Ewe, scary post title=)

I wouldn't even capitalize scientolgy when the spell check was trying to make me..

Been meanin' to ask you- (nail shop lingo)why you not have no follower button? Its easy to see updates on blogs that way- oh guess you can follow with out button-?? Anyway- just wonderen.... Soooo sad to me about Jett. I feel so sad for his parents going thru this- or anyone for that matter.

Anonymous said...

This is such a tragic loss for the Travolta family and I pray that they will find Christ through this tragedy. I'm following you.....

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R & R Stacy said...

I totally agree with you.