Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Post for Specific Group

Excuse this post if you don't have a clue who these people are! LOL! This post is specifically for several readers who are personal friends that all used to attend the same church a few years ago. Our friend got married last Sat. and these are a few of the pics.


Thought y'all might want to know who C's bride is. Her name is Heather and they seemed to be perfect for each other. Very cute! Sweet ceremony that Bro. B led.
The wedding was about an hour and a half away from us making it even FARTHER from Arlington. It was held in a teeny tiny chapel that she has wanted for along time meaning a short-list of invites.

Anyone recognize these handsome fellows? ; )

Do y'all remember that they took us to the airport when we went to China and then were at the airport upon our return with Rainbow Brite along with a couple of you?! Sweet memories!

Miss J---one of my FAVORITE people in the world!! ; )


Sturgmom said...

Did you delete your FB account?

Colorado Dreamin' said...

Thanks for sharing! I looks like it was a wonderful and sweet wedding!!!

jennypen said...

Aw, they look very happy! Seems like it was lovely. So, if one of 'our old people' gets married this time of year each year, who could be next?

Thanks for posting these! (And I finally posted again - a sideways picture collage.)

GloryandGrace said...

I'm so glad you guys got to go - I know it meant a lot to the family!

And I GUESS I'll forgive you ;)

Mommy Spice said...

What a beautiful little chapel. Wow!

You Little O Wife said...

Wow! Glad you got to see some of our old friends. When you said "wedding pics" I couldn't imagine whose they might be. :) I am so glad they are happy and doing well.